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Industrial Control Systems and Components

Ver. 1.1

Electrical Components


Application Specific Controls


LSIS IP66/NEMA 4X Series: High-performance drive for harsh ambient conditions.

IP66/NEMA 4X VFD Drive...

Drive Specifications:
· Satisfies NEMA standard type 4X for indoor use.
· Satisfies IEC 60529 standard IP66
· 200/400V 0.4-22kW


22mm IEC Potentiometers:
Price: $35.90
Our single-turn Potentiometer Operators utilize standard 2 watt potentiometers with 6.4mm (1/4 ") bushing and 22.5mm (7/8 ") long slotted shafts.

22mm Pilot Devices...Push Buttons ...

Featured Product: Dinkle Field I/O
Price: Please Call

IEC Motor Starters

Dinkle Specifications:
· Dinkle BUS Patented Design
· Compact Design
· Flexible Expandability
· Wiring Time Reduction
· Broad Module Selection

Featured Product: Terminal Blocks

Dinkle Single Level Feed Through Terminal Blocks

DIN Rail Terminal Blocks :
· Screw Connection
· Spring Clamp Connection
· Push-in Design
· Busbar Terminal Blocks
· Marking System

Featured Company: Finder

Finder Control Panel Components

· Industrial Relays
· Solid State Relays
· Timers
· Power Supply

Please click on the You Tube™ Link below or above to watch a short video on the prefered product.

Beijer HMI used in pump and valve controls

Beijer HMI remote monitor and control over a Smart Phone.

Beijer HMI remote monitor and control over a Smart Phone


Beijer HMI remote monitor and control over a Smart Phone


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